About the boat "Quinco"

Quinco is an Adams 40 skippered by David and crewed by the Admiral, Rose. Quinco is a wishbone cutter rigged sloop. She was built in Fremantle in 1978. Sailed to the Cocos Islands then moved home port to Pittwater, from there, onto Melbourne then we are where we are, cruising that is! Constructed from "Airex" foam core sandwiched GRP with a ply deck, she weighs in at 12 Tons. Powered by a Nanni 4 cylinder 50 HP diesel engine.


23 October 2012

Bundaberg - Back in Aus

Arrived back in Aus on Sunday night, cleared in Monday morning. Will spend a while here doing some boat maintenance, what else is new!

23 September 2012

Still in New Cal

After leaving Noumea, we have sailed to the top of Grand Terre and are currently sitting in the marina at Pandop (Koumac). We have seen a lot of Tricot Rayes (Sea Snakes) and thousands of frogs after some rain.

26 July 2012

At last, we have left Aus and arrived in Noumea, New Caledonia.

Pain aux Raisins $1

Rose, Port Moselle Marina

Croissant - 70cents each.

18 May 2012

The Shaggers (Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club) High Frequency (HF) Net will open for the Australian winter cruising season with effect 0700hrs EST Australia (2100UTC) 15th May 2012.

The operating frequency will be 8161Khz and will open at the same time daily until 15 October 2012.

Initial participating vessels will be SV Alana Rose (net control), SV INXS (July), SV Paws, SV Moonglade, SV Summana (from mid june). If you have a HF radio, please feel free to join in and advise others who you feel may wish to join in.

27 April 2012

Quick one to Norfolk Island (Via Air New Zealand).

In March (for my birthday) we fly over to Norfolk for a week. A great short break from the boat and a chance to view some of the history first hand.
It also gave us an opportunity to realise it is no place for cruising yachts!

Kingston Town.

Kingston across the Golf Course.