About the boat "Quinco"

Quinco is an Adams 40 skippered by David and crewed by the Admiral, Rose. Quinco is a wishbone cutter rigged sloop. She was built in Fremantle in 1978. Sailed to the Cocos Islands then moved home port to Pittwater, from there, onto Melbourne then we are where we are, cruising that is! Constructed from "Airex" foam core sandwiched GRP with a ply deck, she weighs in at 12 Tons. Powered by a Nanni 4 cylinder 50 HP diesel engine.


21 October 2011

Rosslyn Bay Marina

These pictures give you an idea of the weather!

Well it is October and we are making our way (slowly) south. Got as far as the Keppels and the northerlies turned into southerlies with a vengeance! Should be able to escape on Sunday, then hopefully head on down to Pancake Creek after traversing the Narrows and not stopping off at Gladstone.

03 August 2011

Pancake Creek

Currently anchored at Pancake Creek after leaving Manly Harbour. Stopped off at Garrys Anchorage, Kingfisher Bay, Platypus Bay and the Burnett River. Next stop will be Gladstone for the Multicultural Festival.

All these pics from Pancake Creek. Parks were doing a "Controlled Burn".

Garrys Anchorage.

Glassy day at Kingfisher Bay.

16 July 2011

Saturday the 16th July 2011

Been doing the usual "boat work" in the Manly Harbour. Hauled out, bottom painted, inside painted, some varnishing and some electrical mods. Now we are ready to move. Hopefully next week, we will start our northerly migration. First stop should be Garys Anchorage in the Sandy Straits. After that, well we will see. Eventually we should spend some time in the Whitsunday Islands with family and friends.

14 February 2011

Manly Boat Harbour

Well, we are here. Sydney was great, Port Stephens was great, Laurieton up the Camden Haven River was also a great place to be and after an overnight stop at Trail Bay then Coffs Harbour we arrived in Manly on Friday PM.

30 January 2011

Camden Haven, Laurieton, NSW.

Came in over the notorious "bar" yesterday about 1700hrs, pretty tense! Now we are anchored up the river opposite the Combined Services Club where we have access to water, showers etc. Plenty of good coffee shops five minutes away!

12 January 2011

Sydney Harbour

Anzac Bridge, or as some locals call it, the Wonder Bra!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Well, I have been a bit slack with this blog, we moved down the coast from Coffs to Sydney via Port Stephens. While in Sydney we did the tourist things like watch the fireworks, awesome, caught the Manley ferry to Manley and generally did some sight seeing. Should be leaving Sydney next week for wet Queensland!