About the boat "Quinco"

Quinco is an Adams 40 skippered by David and crewed by the Admiral, Rose. Quinco is a wishbone cutter rigged sloop. She was built in Fremantle in 1978. Sailed to the Cocos Islands then moved home port to Pittwater, from there, onto Melbourne then we are where we are, cruising that is! Constructed from "Airex" foam core sandwiched GRP with a ply deck, she weighs in at 12 Tons. Powered by a Nanni 4 cylinder 50 HP diesel engine.


21 July 2010

Keppel Bay Marina

Panoramic view of the Marina from high.
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17 July 2010

From the Top - Of the Dune

From the top.

Some of the cruisers at Happy Hour.
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14 July 2010

Some Views of Yellow Patch

Some striking colours on the beach below the sand blow.

The skipper below the blow.

Rose with the 1300spahire hat, courtesy of Russell.

13 July 2010

Yellow Patch

Moved to Yellow Patch this morning - A great anchorage, flat calm, no roll!

12 July 2010

Cape Capricorn - On the Tropic of Capricorn

Sailed here from Gladstone after a nice rest, well, lots of walking and a couple of free "Industry Tours" which were well worth it. Now after crossing the Tropic of Capricorn we spent the night here at Cape Capricorn, a real nice spot, but a real rolly anchorage, but just one night here.

05 July 2010

Jenny Lind Creek and the Larcs.

Went for a walk up to the Bustard Head Lighthouse and further to Jenny Lind Creek where we spotted two Larcs. Amphibious Larcs that is.

The Panorama is looking down on Jenny Lind Creek.

04 July 2010

Pancake Creek

Arrived in Pancake Creek Friday afternoon, the 2nd of July 2010. A great place to anchor for a few days. Caught up with Captain Col of the good ship Lady Marlen, he's been anchored here for a couple of months. After here next stop Gladstone. It's cold here, but the sun is shining and all is well.