About the boat "Quinco"

Quinco is an Adams 40 skippered by David and crewed by the Admiral, Rose. Quinco is a wishbone cutter rigged sloop. She was built in Fremantle in 1978. Sailed to the Cocos Islands then moved home port to Pittwater, from there, onto Melbourne then we are where we are, cruising that is! Constructed from "Airex" foam core sandwiched GRP with a ply deck, she weighs in at 12 Tons. Powered by a Nanni 4 cylinder 50 HP diesel engine.


07 November 2009

Back in Aus.

Arrived back in Aus, (Bundaberg) Wednesday the 4th November about 10:30am. Overall a pretty uneventful passage with "disturbed" seas but nothing bad. The passage was our fastest from New Cal at 5 days and 5 hours. We are in the Port Bundaberg Marina till the Southerlies ease or change to Northerlies so we can get back "home" to Scarborough.

02 November 2009

On our Way Home!

We finally left Koumac for the crossing to Bundaberg, Australia. It's 2045 hrs on Monday evening and we are 165 NM from the Breaksea Spit, the closest point before Hervey Bay, after that another 50 NM to the Bundaberg Port Marina in the Burnett River. We should arrive there for clearance formalities on Wednesday the 4th around Midday.

27 October 2009

18 October 2009

Koumac - Grotte

Today we went to the Grotte in Koumac with our hosts Sandra and Nicholas. A great experience listening to Nicholas's stories and climbing into the caves.

10 October 2009

Noumea to Koumac

We have returned to Noumea today to pick up our newly filled scuba tanks, that done, the morning will see us getting some nice French pastries etc, then off to Koumac where we will clear out for Australia, via the Chesterfield Reef. If the weather permits, we will spend a day or two at the reef before heading to Bundaberg for clear in formalities and to give AQIS some money, they charge even us Ausies to come home!

07 October 2009

Noumea to Baie Maa

We have been in Port Moselle Marina for four days, left yesterday to anchor outside. This morning off on the big sail to Baie Maa (10 miles) where we will spend a week or more before returning to Moselle to clear out for Australia.

30 September 2009

Quinco - Under Attack at Bailly!

Last night, Tuesday, the dolphins attacked, the fish that is. About 3am we awoke to the sound of "things" striking the hull, then the sounds of very loud "breathing". An inspection from the deck revealed dolphins herding up fish for their early breakfast, or late dinner. The sight was amazing, as the fish tried to flee the marauding dolphins the water lit up with phosphorescence, it looked like tracer bullets heading for the good ship Quinco. Of course, in their haste they couldn't navigate around the hull, so lots of the fish hit Quinco side on. This rampaging by the dolphins went on for half an hour, keeping us awake. An inspection this morning showed little of the event last night other than a few patches of scales still clinging to the hull near the water line. Next thing we hear, via a sked on the HF is that we are under a Tsunami watch in New Caledonia. There was an earthquake measuring over 8 in Samoa and the "waves" would reach us at 0916 local time. All ships were advised not to approach the coast during this event. We were not concerned as we were sheltered by Grande Terre and as 0916 came and went, not a ripple was to be seen.

21 August 2009

Isle of Pines, New Caledonia

Well, we have been all around Grande Terre, after spending some time back in Noumea, we are now spending a few days / weeks in the beautiful Isle of Pines.

26 July 2009

Koumac, New Caledonia

Anchored off the Koumac Marina as the marina is full, should be moving further South Monday, about 180 miles to Noumea which is our ultimate destination from where we will clear out for Vanuatu.

07 July 2009


We were travelling in the Loyalties with the Granger cat called SubZero, it was passing us of course!

04 July 2009

10 June 2009

Noumea - Here we come!

It's 9:30PM Wednesday. We are now just 350 Nautical Miles from Noumea motor sailing as the wind is light (5 knots). The seas are pretty calm and the moon is shining. On passage we have had some brilliant sun sets. Flying fish on the deck as well as some unwelcome birds hitching a ride and leaving many deposits behind for me to clean up. We should be in Noumea Saturday evening.

06 June 2009

Noumea, here we come!

At last the weather looks good for a passage across to Noumea. We plan to review the weather later today with the view to departing the marina Sunday morning. Not early!

02 May 2009

Bundaberg Port Marina

Well, here we are in the Bundy Port Marina, overall from Cairns down the coast we have had a dream run. Through the Narrows to Gladstone, one night in the marina then a quick sail down to Bundy, sailed all the way poled out, winds up to 20 knots from the stern. Now all we need is a decent weather pattern to take us across to Noumea, or Koumac if we can't make enough southing.

21 April 2009

Keppel Bay Marina.

We are now parked at the Keppel Bay Marina at least till Friday, then onto Bundaberg.

17 April 2009

To Port Clinton Saturday Morning.

This is the track we will take to Port Clinton Saturday, should arrive Sunday evening. Trip is about 150 nm.

16 April 2009

Pebbles at Newry

Spectacular Rocks on the beach, Outer Newry Island.

Bird on the Wind Generator

Perched on a blade of the wind generator for a rest at Port Newry.

Port Newry

This panoramic image is taken from the sea side of Outer Newry Island
Anchored in the lovely Port Newry, just off the beach of Outer Newry Island. This is a great place, picturesque and sheltered by 3 islands and the mainland. We will be anchored here till Saturday, weather permitting.

03 April 2009

Heading South

We are on our way South. Left Cairns on Monday the 30th of March, we are now 10 miles North of Cape Upstart and plan to anchor there for the night.

29 March 2009

Mascot at Bluewater

Gizmo is the friendly dog (mascot) at the marina. Peter, his slave, is the master of Motor Sailor "Sebranzer".

10 March 2009

Hamish has gone South, we are getting set to go South

Cyclone Hamish is now a Cat 3 Cyclone. It has gone south so we can start looking at the weather to also start sailing south.

06 March 2009

Waiting for Hamish to pass by!

This is the Cyclone Track map for cyclone Hamish, 10am Friday the 6th of March 2009
Cyclone shown on this visible sat image for Hamish at 11:30am Friday the 6th March 2009
We are sitting in the marina after battening down the vessel waiting for the cyclone to pass by, at the moment we are getting some rain and not much else, we will wait and see.

03 February 2009

Cyclones, more Cyclones!

Well, here we are again (still) with two cyclones been and gone, Charlotte on the 12th of January and Ellie on the 1st of February, the weather bureau is forecasting the possibility of another forming around Cairns on Thursday the 5th of Feb 2009. Let's hope it also fizzles out nice and quickly and leaves us alone in the marina with the other boaties hoping for the same!

07 January 2009

Life at the Bluewater Marina

Bluewater Marina, Trinity Park, FNQ (Far North Queensland).
We have been here for a while now, I spend a lot of time down below in the air conditioning building web sites. Rose is working currently, part time via an agency. Enough earnings to pay the marina costs. Apart from the work etc, we have been to the movies in the big city (Cairns) a few times, we have also joined a local football club (Centrals, AFL) and had dinner there last night. Tuesday night is two for one night, so, after a decent meal and a couple of stubbies for the two of us, total cost of $20.50. Not bad and they picked us up and dropped us back at the marina when we were finished in their courtesy bus.