About the boat "Quinco"

Quinco is an Adams 40 skippered by David and crewed by the Admiral, Rose. Quinco is a wishbone cutter rigged sloop. She was built in Fremantle in 1978. Sailed to the Cocos Islands then moved home port to Pittwater, from there, onto Melbourne then we are where we are, cruising that is! Constructed from "Airex" foam core sandwiched GRP with a ply deck, she weighs in at 12 Tons. Powered by a Nanni 4 cylinder 50 HP diesel engine.


23 December 2007

Sandy Straits to Mooloolaba

After leaving Bundaberg, we ventured into the Great Sandy Straits for the night, anchored around Elbow Point Friday night then up again at 0430hrs Saturday for the journey South via the Wide Bay Bar. The bar was behaving well with no white water and a clearance of about 4 meters of water under the keel. The rest of the trip to Mooloolaba was uneventful and saw us arrive at Kawana Waters Marina at 1630hrs. Next leg will be to Scarborough Marina when the Southerlies abate.

18 December 2007

Heading South, soon!

We have rested and done some more provisioning for Quinco's short trip South. We will be heading into Hervey Bay and into the Great Sandy Straits, exiting the Straits through the Wide Bay Bar and then onto Mooloolaba. We will be catching up with friends there so will spend a day or two at Mooloolaba then head further South to our marina berth in the Scarborough Marina. That will be the end of our cruising for this season, a bit of work on the boat will follow and some paid work to pay for it all. Next season? Who knows? Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all.

16 December 2007


Arrived Bundaberg Saturday the 15th December 2007

2007-12-16 01:46Z

11 December 2007

Galley Slave on Passage Day 3

The Admiral (Rose) preparing dinner on day 3 of our passage from Noumea to Bundaberg Australia.

08 December 2007

Leaving Noumea for Australia - Sunday 9th December

At last! The weather is looking good for a crossing to Bundaberg. We are off in the moring and should arrive next Sunday the 16th December.

01 December 2007

Have a bowl of coffee while we wait on the weather!

The Admiral (Rose) and the Skipper (David) having a coffee at the markets, Port Moselle, Noumea. We are still waiting for the weather to be nice for a smooth trip across to Australia.

29 November 2007

Leaving for Bundy

WaterFall in Prony Bay, New Caledonia.

Quinco is clearing out of Port Moselle soon for a run to the Australian coast. Port Bundaberg Marina is the clear in destination.

Clearing in to Bundaberg, Australia - AH

This is the response I received from the Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service re arriving after hours. You are charged overtime rates on the weekend or Friday evening.

From the District manager of Quarantine in Bundaberg:- re weekend charging. If any vessel enters the port limits on Saturday they must be quarantine/customs cleared. The same goes for Sunday the exception being if you enter port limits after 1700 on Sunday with Q/flag displayed you can anchor at the Q buoy till Monday morning and be Quarantine/Customs cleared when the marina opens at 0800.
More information.

Please be aware that if you enter the port limits between 1630 on Fridays and 1600 on Sundays you will be charged significant overtime charges.

Arrival Procedures:
When in range contact Volunteer Marine Rescue (callsign VMR488) on VHF channel 81 to announce your arrival. They will ask you some questions and notify us of your ETA. Their hours are between 0600 and 1800. If you arrive outside of these hours you may anchor at the Quarantine buoy, located at 24deg 45min 57.95sec South and 152deg 23min 29.27sec East.

02 November 2007

30 August 2007

Epi Island, Vanuatu

The locals we traded with for fresh fruit and veg, lovely people at Revelieu Bay. (Photo courtesy of "Galaxy")

17 August 2007

The Cruiser's Feast, Dillon's Bay, Erromango

A few of the Cruisers arranged a feast at the local village thanks to Chief William. This is at Dillon's Bay.

14 August 2007

Mount Yasur, Volcano - Tana, Vanuatu

Visited Tana's famous volcano, Mount Yasur, to see the fireworks on the 12th of August 2007. Spectactular! We abandoned our visit after a molten rock flew over our heads!

String Band, Port Resolution, Tana, Vanuatu.

The local String Band at the Port Resolution Yacht Club, Tana. These guys really know how to enjoy themselves.